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Odell Electronics Wash Video

Want to see how we recondition electronic items? Check out our YouTube video. The process is very unique because the electrons are removed from the water making it safe to clean any electronic device without damaging it!    

Lightning Awareness Week

This week is “Lightning Safety Awareness Week, and When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!” Visit the following link for more information about Lighting and Safety Tips: http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/

Hurricane Preparation

This week at Sasser Companies we are preparing for the 2014 Hurricane Season. We would like to share 5 important tips to prepare YOU for this Hurricane season: • Organize a Family Plan • Build an Emergency Kit • Prepare Your Property • Evacuate as Required • Find Shelter The Red Cross also has a […]

2014 Hurricane Season

The 2014 Hurricane Season begins Sunday, June 1st. The National Hurricane Center is predicting a calmer season than normal, but we all know forecasts are not always accurate, and North Carolina residents are urged to be prepared. Next week Sasser Companies will follow up with some tips to keep you and your family safe and […]

Company Photo

Sasser Companies has grown throughout the years and it’s not always easy to get everyone together for a group photo. We finally had an opportunity to get MOST of our employees in front of our Home Office in Whitsett, NC for a group picture!