Contents Division

Sasser Companies understands the value of your personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, electronics and other items found throughout your home. Our Contents Division goes to extreme measures to provide state-of-the-art restoration techniques such as Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning, Odell Electronics Cleaning, Furniture Refinishing, Oriental Rug Cleaning and Esporta Textile Restoration. We provide a secure, climate controlled storage facility. We utilize Assured Packout Inventory Software, which records and monitors each individual item brought to our facility.

Contents Division Services Include:

  • Assured Pack-out Inventory System
  • Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Deodorizing Contents
  • Esporta Textiles Cleaning
  • Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Full Service Moving
  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Hydroxyl Odor Removal Process
  • Individual Storage Vaults
  • Odell Electronics Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning
  • Ozone Odor Removal Process
  • Photo & Document Restoration

Before & After Pictures

Esporta Wash System for Textiles

Odell Electronics Wash

Fireline Ultrasonics