Why Choose Sasser Moving

The most common cause of damage during a move is: poor packing. The good news is Sasser Companies provides trained professionals with proven skills to prevent breakage. Our staff understands that moving fragile items involves more than simply placing them in boxes. It takes special care and knowledge of the right packing materials, and techniques. Whether they are moving ornate glassware or antique furniture, they understand which packing materials work best to cushion and protect a variety of items.

Customer Service: At Sasser Companies we take pride in providing you with unmatched customer service. Our managers are able to monitor the transportation of your possessions using advanced Satellite GPS systems. If you ever have a question or want an update, simply call us toll free at 844-449-1144.

Inventory your home: A team member documents all boxes and separate items using state of the art inventory software. Our team uses this software to describe and photograph each box and item. It’s a sophisticated system that will give you peace of mind.

Loading the Truck: Is similar to solving a massive jigsaw puzzle. Sasser Companies does it right, so your things travel safely and securely.

Moving you in: As you would expect from a full-service moving company, our team will place your furniture for you. It is your choice on how you want your items placed and we are here to assist you and your needs. They’ll spread out rugs, reassemble beds, and put them where you would like.

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Let us take care of the dirty work! Servicing your moving needs in the Piedmont Triad and throughout the state of North Carolina.